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Bailey Invisalign Teen Blogger

Hi, my name is Bailey. I am 15 years old and I wear Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

The reason I wear Invisalign Teen aligners is actually quite a funny story. Let me set the scene. My mother was at the hospital with my infant brother, and my older brother and I were at home with our dad. My brother and I had taken multiple 4th of July necklaces and strung them together to make a rope. Of course, being only three, I had no concern about my safety in the situation, nor did my older brother. So, we each grabbed an end of the rope and began to run in circles.

We were right outside of my dad’s office and his door was open when it happened. Remember when I said my younger brother was an infant? Yeah. He was teething. And I found out that teething rings work very similarly to a banana peel when on tile floor. I stepped on the teething ring and -KER PLOP! (I later found out that my dad said it sounded like a watermelon when my head hit the tile, but that’s beside the point.)

Of course, I started crying. And having little balance at three years old, my teeth are what broke my fall. Unfortunately, they did not do that very well. I lifted my head and saw blood on the floor, and one of my front teeth in the puddle. I looked up and over into my dad’s office. (Who had just told me to ‘shake it off’ before he saw my situation) When he saw me, he quickly got up and surveyed my teeth. The other of my front teeth was still in my mouth, hanging by a nerve. He quickly ran into another room and grabbed a wash cloth to keep the blood (that was still pouring out of my mouth) from getting anywhere else.

I don’t remember what time it was when this all took place, but I do know that it was too late for a dentist to be open. Regardless, my dad called Dr. Proctor and asked if we could meet him in his office. He agreed. Once we got to his office, Dr. Proctor very gently and painlessly removed my other tooth, and stitched me up before I even knew it.

Despite the catastrophic tooth loss, I did get twenty dollars from the tooth fairy. I guess she had pity on me or something. What was even funnier is what I did with that twenty dollars. The very next day, within twenty-four hours of busting my teeth, I took my parents out to eat pizza. I found it was very hard to eat pizza without front teeth, but I managed. However, as good as the pizza was, it did not help my lack of teeth.

You see, since I was only three, my adult teeth were not at all ready to come in. So, I went four years without front teeth. That was one of the side-effects of losing my teeth early. The other side-effect was that my adult teeth did not have the space from my baby teeth to fill in, so they grew in crooked. Because my two front teeth grew in crooked, it affected some of my other teeth as well. My teeth were not terrible, but they were certainly not great.
I honestly didn’t care much about what others thought of my teeth, but I personally wanted them fixed. When I found out Dr. Proctor was going to do Invisalign Teen, I wanted in. Soon, I started treatment.

Invisalign, unlike traditional braces, uses sets of plastic trays to correct your teeth. Every two weeks, you get a new set of trays that will correct your teeth a little more than the last tray. As I am writing this I am currently on my sixth tray out of nineteen, and sometimes I forget I even have them on! However, when you first start, the dentist puts little buttons on your teeth that hold the tray on securely; these take a little bit of getting used to, but within a week, I found that all discomfort caused by the buttons or trays was gone. Another plus to Invisalign compared to traditional braces is that you get to take them off when you eat! Because of that, every time you eat, you get about thirty minutes of relief!

I am very happy that my once crooked teeth are finally getting straighter. In a few months, my teeth will be straight as teeth can be! If you are considering getting Invisalign, I highly recommend it! Follow my journey on this blog to see if Invisalign is right for you!!!