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At Forest Trail Dental Care, we’re committed to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that result in beautiful, long-lasting smiles. One of the most effective treatments we offer for repairing and improving the appearance and function of your teeth is dental crowns.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are custom-made restorations that cover the entire surface of a tooth above the gum line. They are designed to restore the shape, size, strength, and appearance of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, injury, or wear. Crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, metal alloys, or a combination of materials. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are most popular because they mimic the natural color and texture of your teeth, offering a discreet solution to your dental needs.

When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

Dental crowns may be recommended for a variety of reasons, including to:

  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
  • Restore a broken or severely worn down tooth.
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t a lot of tooth left.
  • Anchor a dental bridge in place.
  • Cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth.
  • Cover a dental implant.
  • Make a cosmetic modification for an enhanced smile.

Dental Crowns

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The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Getting a dental crown typically requires two visits to Forest Trail Dental Care. Here’s what you can expect during the process:

    • First Visit – Examination and Preparation: At your initial visit, we’ll examine the affected tooth to ensure it can support a crown, then begin the process of preparing the tooth. This preparation involves reshaping the tooth’s surface to fit the crown properly. If necessary, a portion of your tooth will be removed or a filling may be added to build up the tooth. Impressions of your tooth will be taken to create your custom crown, matching the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. A temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth while your permanent crown is being made.

    • Second Visit – Crown Placement: Once your custom crown is ready, you’ll return for your second visit. The temporary crown will be removed, and the new crown will be adjusted and placed onto your tooth to ensure a perfect fit and color match. Once everything is satisfactory, the crown will be permanently cemented into place, restoring your tooth to its optimal shape and function.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

    • Durability: Crowns are durable and can last many years with proper care, though they may eventually need to be replaced.

    • Aesthetic Enhancement: They provide an aesthetic improvement, offering a natural-looking solution for damaged or unsightly teeth.

    • Functional Restoration: Crowns restore the functionality of your damaged teeth, allowing you to eat and speak with ease.

    • Protection: They protect against further tooth decay, wear, and damage.

Why Choose Forest Trail Dental Care for Your Dental Crowns?

Choosing Forest Trail Dental Care for your dental crowns means selecting a team that prioritizes your comfort, aesthetics, and oral health. Our experienced dental professionals use the latest technology and high-quality materials to create crowns that look and feel like your natural teeth. We’re dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and satisfying experience from start to finish.

Restore the beauty and functionality of your smile with dental crowns. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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